To rent a car at RAL Rent Car you must be at least 24 years of age and have been licensed for more than two years. In certain categories, there are other conditions that will be requested according to the request.
No, you can rent a vehicle by simply presenting the original of your driver ‘s license knowing that in no case will a copy or certificate of loss be accepted.
No, you can not borrow or let the vehicle borrowed otherwise than by persons who have been approved by TUNISIA CAR HIRE; However, the registration of a second driver on the rental contract is totally free
No, the borrowed vehicle can only be used on Tunisian territory.
As soon as you have provided us with the references of your flight at the time of your booking, we will wait for you until the arrival of the plane and this 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. This service is free of charge and is automatically offered at the time of booking.
Yes, we will deliver to you free of charge your vehicle within the perimeter of cities with a RAL Rent Car agency. In other cases, there are additional charges on return to other regions outside the perimeter or airport.
Payment is made at the pick-up of the vehicle.

Yes, cash payments in any currency are accepted, however it is necessary to present a Tunisian credit card / check or also the amount in cash in order to avoid the deposits of guarantee. However, we must inform you that the payment will be in cash and in what currency to the confirmation by email.
No, RALRent Car does not debit the amount of the deposit, but asks for a pre-authorization of payment on the basis of the amount of the rental and the rented vehicle.
Check the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle. If you notice a discrepancy not reported on the “Vehicle Condition” form, please report it to our agent before leaving. Check the fuel level.
Your rental car will be provided with a quarter of fuel that you must return in the same condition. If the gauge light is on, you will be obliged to pay an additional charge of 20 dinars.
Make an inventory of the situation with precision and in the presence of an agent RAL Rent Car. Make the keys of the vehicle, any accessories (child seat, portable GPS ….) You have nothing to settle, except any supplements not foreseen at the reservation (fuel is less than in the state of setting …) .
Car rentals from the airports provided we have information about your flight (company, flight number and scheduled time) and within the perimeter of cities with a RAL Rent Car agency can be started at any time .
No, the borrowed vehicle can not be used to tow or push another vehicle.
Yes, we can accept reservations for a specific model or model with a given color; But it will be according to the availability of the criteria chosen, in case the requested criteria are not available, you are presented with other proposals for the available choices
At the time of taking over the vehicle the lessee must present a valid passport and valid driver ‘s license and any other driver authorized by RAL Rent Car whose name On the rental contract.
Is every RAL Rent Car undergoing a systematic technical inspection and a permanent maintenance, would it break down anyway? No problem, you will be able to call immediately the number that will be given to you at the time of the assumption, a solution will be found as soon as possible.
You must inform your agency at the time of taking charge of the vehicle. For a rental period of at least one week, no charge will be charged otherwise charges will be charged according to the distance between the two agencies.
No, your rental car will be provided with a quarter of fuel that you must return in the same condition. If the gauge light is on, you will be obliged to pay an additional charge of 20 dinars.
After 6 hours, an additional day is invoiced at the rate of the initial period. However, if you want to dispose of the vehicle longer, simply ask your agency for an extension. This is absolutely mandatory because the insurance is automatically forfeited when the lease expires.
The rental includes unlimited mileage and includes mechanical maintenance, washing, oil and lubrication as well as unlimited “Civil Liability” insurance, a free car seat provides on request.
Yes, all the rates indicated on the site are indicative rates according to period. Prices are excluding holiday periods or high season and varies according to number of days.
Yes, no supplement is collected by RAL Rent Car tunisie in case of taking over of a vehicle at an airport, in an agency or in the close perimeter.
You will need to receive a confirmation email with all the details of it. It is advisable to keep a copy of this email and to print it in order to present it to your agency at the time of taking charge of the vehicle.
In case of delay of confirmation, You must contact RAL Rent Car agency by email, or by phone, by giving your email address and requesting a confirmation.
Yes, you have to contact the agency which has sent you the confirmation of your reservation by telephone or by e – mail with the details of the reservation to be modified.
The basic tariff includes the compulsory insurance: third party and civil liability which cover the bodily and material damage caused to the third party.
In case of theft of the vehicle, the amount of the deductible will be multiplied by 2.
If a finding has been made, you will not even need the franchise.
If you are responsible for the claim and it is covered by insurance, you will only owe the deductible.
Damage caused to tires, ice breaks, accessories (windscreen wipers, rear-view mirrors, headlights, position lights, tools, etc.) are the responsibility of the lessor.

Your invoice will be provided to the catch, upon return of the vehicle or sent by email upon request with the reservation.